The Core Center
Pilates Studio

The Core Center was located in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley since 2004.

It is with great heartache that we close the doors of The Core Center and this chapter of our lives. We want to thank all of you who made The Core Center your home with us for the last 11 years and tell you how much we enjoyed having you as clients.  And yet, as this chapter ends another begins - so this is not the final chapter.  We have learned that making a “living” is not the same as “making a life”.

Peace to you all and remember to focus on your "Core"!

Susan and Shanna

The Ron Fletcher Program of Study is recognized as having one of the most extensive Pilates training curriculum offered in the Pilates community.

See what the “The Wall Street Journal” has to say

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The Pilates Method is an exercise system that focuses on improving strength for the total body without building bulk. Our intention is to provide an avenue for good training in Pilates, with the hope that those who study and train at The Core Center will see its benefits and continue their training.  So please come and strengthen the core of your body - AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT!” – Susan Fox (Artistic Director)

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. . . we are often charged with challenges, it’s amazing what our bodies can do with the formidable mind spirit set AND the right teacher

I am proud of our Miss Susan . . .

Ron Fletcher, July 20, 2006